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Roxanne, Founder of Glow Up London

I am Roxanne, the CEO of Glow Up London and Glow Up London Training Academy.

 I have been in the industry for 20 years, having added an expanding team, aesthetics treatments, a skincare range and a training academy to the ever growing Glow Up London Empire! As well as recently opening Franchises of Glow Up London to help other women achieve their dreams all within the Glow Up London family, which is a passion of mine in itself to help other women boss their own businesses and succeed! 

Our ever growing training academies are now located Spain, Ireland as well as the UK taking the Glow Up London Academy worldwide! 

You are not just gaining a one off treatment or standard training course with Glow Up London, you will also be gaining a companion to help you overcome any concerns or obstacles along the way whether it be business or beauty related! 

With regular check ins and advice you will be sure to know all things skin, specifically designed for you and/or your clients to help you feel happy within your own skin, career or business and to see life changing results either way.



Hi girls, my name is Darcy. I started off as a content creator and collaborator for Glow Up London. I have tried and tested her services and products for years and can definitely say I believe in them 100% so when the opportunity arose to work alongside the brand, I was more than happy to join the team! I live in Hertfordshire right near the HQ so if I am not teaching or co-ordinating your course, I will most likely be in clinic, writing your certificates and getting content to showcase our students on Instagram!

RebeKaH, head TRAINER 


Hi, I am Rebekah and I am one of the head trainers at Glow Up London. 
I not only train students but also carry out treatments on clients. Whilst my background has always been in Skincare I am also qualified to treat and train aesthetics, booty treatments, skin boosters, phlebotomy, IV Drip and so much more!
After being in the industry for 15 years, I have been working with Roxanne and Glow Up London since early 2020 after meeting Roxanne in 2017. The Glow Up London team is the perfect, supportive, creative, career driven match for me as a trainer!
I have always been fascinated with skincare and beauty ever since I left school so I now count myself lucky I get to do something I love doing every day.  As well as knowing I am helping others train in something they will love doing everyday too! 



Hello, I am Grace from The Excelsior Collaborative Marketing Agency, a one stop location for all things marketing. I am so proud to be social media manager of Glow Up London! 

I work closely with Roxanne and the team to create the brand voice, tone and marketing content for the feed and stories you see across the ever growing Glow Up London Instagram, Facebook and Social Media Marketing as a whole! I love how Roxanne and The Glow Up Team are so supporting and encouraging of other business women, which is what makes working with Glow Up London so rewarding!

I am also now the franchise social media manager across all Glow Up London franchises so am enjoying working closely with so many inspiring female business owners as part of the Glow Up London Empire! 

I love my job working closely to help and inspire small businesses across the board using social media to help them grow their businesses to full potential. Social media is my thing…believe it or not, it’s a lot more than just posting, likes and comments! 

My Instagram Handle:


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